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COVI- On Line is a talk show that features a panel of known LGBT personalities & straight allies that will discuss current events, pop culture, LGBT family concerns, contemporary issues, senior subject matter, fashion, travel, health, arts, community celebrations and more…… The series is meant to provide information about LGBT community members, news, health awareness opportunities and information about the disparities that face this community. We want to provide resources to work on issues and concerns of the LGBT community. The segments will provide guest interviews with entertainers, community activist, artist, performances and extraordinary people who make a difference along with stories that will keep you informed and how to find some wonderful people!

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  • Darryl D’Bonneau-
    Recording Artist
  • Devin Christy- Singer, Composer
  • Laurence Pinckney-
    Zen Biz Travel
  • Antoine Craigwell-
    Project Depressed Gay Black Me
  • Cristina Moldow-
    Project Coordinator, Lesbian Cancer Initiative
  • Melvin Errol Taylor- Artistic Director Dance Giant Steps, Inc., Publisher of Attitude Dancers Magazine
  • and more...



By Laniaya Alesia Hoofatt | April 2013

Courage, strength, dignity, audacity, fearlessness—the nonprofit Circle of Voices exemplifies all these qualities. Founded by Jean Wimberly in 1993, Circle of Voices initially aimed at addressing the disparity between women’s festivals that featured European-style music and a multicultural women’s festival that would attract more women of African descent and women of color. Although she was able to create a Womyn of Color tent at Michfest, one of the largest and most prominent festivals in the U.S., Wimberly knew that this alone was not enough to mitigate a lack of community visibility for women of color. Wimberly’s efforts culminated in the 1993 Womyn of Color East Coast Music Festival, where her organization provided women of color with a platform their talents, and also provided them with a forum to discuss vital social issues.
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The LGBT Center Hosts 14th Annual Women’s Event Honoring Wanda Sykes - A cancer survivor!

BY Jessica Bowen | November 8th, 2011

This year’s gala will honor several distinguished women, including: out comedienne and actress Wanda Sykes receiving the Celebrity Activist Award; first openly gay performer in country music Chely Wright receiving the Community Award; and corporate diversity leaders of pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim USA, Maria Persky and Nancy Di Dia, receiving the Corporate Leader Award. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Wanda Sykes will be presented her award by none other than Cyndi Lauper! Full Story ►

Kaz Mitchell, Center Intern and Director of Circle of Voices Inc., Honored at NYC Black Pride Heritage Awards

August 24, 2012 | by robz

The Center is proud to congratulate Kaz Mitchell, Community Outreach & Program Promotions Intern with the Lesbian Cancer Initiative (LCI), for receiving the Mabel Hampton Award at the NYC Black Pride Heritage Awards on Wednesday, August 15, at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Kaz, a comedian, dancer and community activist, was honored for her work with LCI, as well as for serving as Director of Circle of Voices, Inc., which works to deliver positive messages through art, performance, seminars and workshops given by women of African descent and women of color. Kaz is a natural fit for the award, named after Mabel Hampton, an American lesbian activist, dancer during the Harlem Renaissance and philanthropist for both black and lesbian/gay organizations. Full Story ►

NYC Black Pride Third Annual Heritage Awards ►

We are so honored to have been selected as GO Magazine’s “100 Women We Love 2012” "We Thank you GO Magazine"

June 15, 2012 | by Shannon Leigh O'Neil with destiny DeJesus

Jean Wimberley and Kaz Mitchell “I urge everyone to speak up and do something, because I remember when two same-gender-loving women could not apply to get a loan to buy a home or consider getting married,” says Jean Wimberly, the founder and executive director of Circle of Voices Inc. (COVI), a New York-based women of color arts organization. Wimberly and Kaz Mitchell, COVI’s director, were recently selected as the LGBT community liaisons for State Sen. Eric Adams, an honor that follows their combined decades of activism. Wimberly is best known for launching the Women of Color Tent at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival in the late 1970s to address the invisibility of black and Latina women there; she founded COVI in 1991 to carry on that message. Mitchell, a Community Outreach organizer for the NYC LGBT Center’s Lesbian Cancer Initiative, has served on the boards of Black Pride NYC, Brooklyn Pride and Brooklyn Community Pride Center. For COVI, the two coordinate social events, lead discussions about health, dating and legal concerns, and offer Sistah Sessions—talks with a guest speaker to encourage self-improvement. Wimberly’s motivation comes straight from personal observation. “[As lesbians,] many of us had to choose between family, friends, and loved ones. My advice is to build the family you want and nurture them!" Full Story ►


Center Advocates for Fair Treatment of LGBT People in NYC Hospitals

By Center Blog | January 9, 2012

LGBT people often avoid medical treatment because they have been treated poorly by health practitioners in the past or because they fear stigma and marginalization because of who they are. Many studies confirm the harsh treatment LGBT people experience in health care settings.
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Circle of Voices, Inc. – An Organization for Lesbians of Color

By Kathy Belge | Guide

The Founder and Executive Director Jean Wimberly is a legend to the LGBT Community as she and Umoja Three Rivers stood on the stage of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival in 1979 and gave a list of grievances of the few Black women who attended the event. The disparities were so grave that it prompted this action.
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